A small but charming, historic, clean Romanesque and Gothic city. The history is fascinating, the buildings are beautiful, people are cheerful, Zamora is the perfect example of how the modern meets the old, it definitely deserves to be visited. The river walks, the city walls and the old buildings make perfect sense. You are allowed to climb the towers which are perfect for having a spectacular panoramic view.

Zamora, Beautiful Small Town To Visit in Spain

Check out my top 5 reasons to visit Zamora, this beautiful city of Romantic architecture at its finest.

1. Historic, Romanesque and Gothic city

This old town is very well preserved, with beautiful old buildings everywhere.


Museum of Zamora. This museum will initiate you into the weird and wonderful rites of Easter, Spanish-style. It showcases the carved and painted pasos (figures) that are paraded around town during the colourful processions.


Museo Etnográfico. Located in the middle of the Old Town of Zamora. This small, well organised Museum, offers a panoramic view of the culture and customs of Castilla y León, one of the most important regions in Spain, origin of the Spanish language spoken by 500 million people. The store had traditional music of Castilla and some interesting historical recordings of mechanical instruments and otherwise.
Museum of Baltasar Lobo. A wonderful arts museum inside the recently restored castle.

2. The Walls of Zamora and the Duero river


The core of the city Zamora is elongated and largely surrounded by walls, extending along the northern banks of the Douro River. These characteristics have led Zamora to be known as the “well enclosed”.

Zamora, Beautiful Small Town To Visit in Spain, Douro River

No visit to Zamora is complete without a stroll along the river Duero to the ancient Roman bridge and then onto the castle and cathedral.

3. Art and Culture



Cross the romanesque bridge and go to the opposite side of the river, turn right, and go to the beach “los pelambres” (Cathedral in front). Continue to walk along and cross the new bridge called Bridge of poets.


Very near the bridge is Santiago de los Caballeros Church. From here there are two options: the first one, to surround the ramparts on the left (Trascastillo street), up from the park and go through door in ramparts “portillo de la traición” to the gardens of the Castle. The second one, up directly to the Cathedral through “la puerta del Obispo” (Bishop’s door). Internationally recognized Zamoran artists include Baltasar Lobo and Coomonte, for example, along with poets: most notably Claudio Rodríguez and León Felipe.

4. The Food of the City


Zamora’s gastronomy has some very traditional elements using products grown in the surrounding area. Fish such as trout andcod are popular, and also soups are popular, due to the long, cold winters in the region. One of the most popular and traditional soups is the Sopa de Ajo or Castillian Garlic Soup. The bread, of course, from great grains. Castilla is known for its wonderful bread, and the history of baking is a very long one. Rich pasture land provides succulent beef and lamb and local farmers produce good sausages and cheeses such as Zamorano, made from raw sheep’s milk, that are offically accredited.

5. Local Handcrafts Faithful to Tradition


If there is something that has made the capital of Pereruela in the region of Castilla y Léon famous, it is its handmade pottery. Not to mention the ceramics workshops in the area. If you happen to visit Zamora at the end of June, pottery would make an excellent souvenir, as Viriathus Square is filled with stands from all over the country selling their creations. You can find items both for everyday use and for display. The ‘big day’ of the San Pedro festivity is June 29th.

6. Nature and Landscape (Valorio forest)


Valorio Forest is located at the entrance to Zamora from Ourense. Pretend to be a local and get some fresh air, play basketball or ride your bike at Bosque de Valorio (Valorio Woods).







The Burgos-native naturalist Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente is remembered with a statue in the small pond.

7. Animals and Wildlife in Spain

Animals and Wildlife Zamora Spain fox

Zamora is one of the wildest areas in Spain. As a result a wide range of wildlife can be found here. Watch the Iberian wolf in total freedom. Witness foxes, deers, boars and roebucks, as well as other fauna that live in this mountain range in the heart of La Sierra de Culebra. If you are an animal lover, this is your place.

Animals and Wildlife Zamora Spain Deers

Sunset in Zamora, Spain