At the entrance of the port of Chanea is situated the Fortress “FIRKA”, which was constructed by the Venetian (1204-1669), in order to establish the local guard and at the same time to control the entrance of the port with their cannons. The Maritime Museum was founded in May 1973 by Vice Admiral A. Yannopoulos, who was serving as an Admiral Commander in Chania. The foundation and function of this museum was supported by many military officers and distinguished citizens of Crete. Chania was an important port, and this museum presents old portraits of Greek admirals and historic battles as well as the relics of the weapons and ships that fought in them, and some modern replicas of said ships! There’s also an interesting exhibition about ancient navigational equipment.

Credit Photo: GeirB

The exhibits are classified in unites today. The first exhibition goes back from the Prehistoric times till the 6th century B.C. and includes ship models and pictures representing naval battles from the Persian Wars and the Peloponnesian War. The following collection goes from the Byzantine to the post-Byzantine period. This period was particularly important for the Greek Navy because it marked the end of rowing and the enrichment of the Greek navy with other ships that worked in a more technologically advanced mode.
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